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How to Choose a Deck Light? The best for you-SkyGenius

On a great spring, summer or autumn evening when the weather is perfect and you and your family and visitors are having a marvelous time, it would be a pity to need to leave your deck because the sun is going down. You can make such a night keep going as long as you are considering to buy an LED deck light solution.

A low-voltage deck light is perfect. All you have to install deck lights yourself is a weatherproof 120-volt outlet, some essential hand tools and a few hours of spare time. The best part is that the SkyGenius deck light doesn't require you to be careful of the family 120-volt frameworks because they are not powerful enough to give you a serious shock.

Take the time to design your deck light area. For safety and appearance sake, consider installing deck lights at steps and handrails. When all is said in done, it's a good choice to install lights so they cast most extreme enlightenment onto the stair treads. Railing lights should enable you to discover the railing in the dark but not interfere with using it.

When planning lighting to circumvent seating territories keep the deck light installations moderately low. Abstain from installing lights on top of railings or posts where they may sparkle people's eyes and pose a safety danger.

Low-voltage systems come at numerous quality levels and prices. They range from expensive material grade deck light fixtures with metal housings and rely on the finish for durable use to plastic housings at a lower cost and shorter life span. Here recommend the SkyGenius stainless steel deck light.

  • IP67 Waterproof: Made of high-quality Acrylic/ABS and 304 stainless steel, lights body and power supply are all glue-filled, completely insulated and water-proof.
IP67 Waterproof-SkyGenius deck light
  • Energy saving and Long Lifespan: Super quality LED chips(0.6W/pcs), DC12V low voltage output, no flicker; Durable and stable copper 2 pin connector(12V transformer INCLUDED, Support Max 16 pcs in series)
  • Detachable: The 10pcs lights are detachable and in parallel connection, you can only install part of them based on your need. (The kit still works if one or two of them fails.)
  • Elegant: Warm white(2800K-3200K),Diameter -32mm,Depth -23mm ,Cut out- 24mm ,with 3M power cable, and max distance between 2 Lights is 1 Meter.Total length is 13M
  • Easy to install: Drill holes, push lights in, connect cables. So it can be installed anywhere you can drill a hole, such as deck-stairs, deck-step, patio, floor, eaves, pool, walkways, kitchen, garden Outdoor led landscape lighting,indoor&outdoor decoration.

    Installation is very easy. Start by putting the transformer close to an outlet that has weatherproof ground-issue circuit-interrupter (GFCI) protection to prevent shocks. Attach the transformer with screws to the outside of the house or deck. Starting at the transformer run a continuous length of wire cable that achieves each location where you will be installing a light. cables keep running along the ground can be covered with mulch or soil.

    All that remaining parts to be done is to wire up the deck light and mount them where you need them on your deck. You just follow the guidance supplied with your kit.

    At last, you have prepared for a specific moment when the sun begins to go down. Instead of withdrawing into the house, simply sit back and watch night view as your deck turns into another jewel under the night sky.

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