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SkyGenius Handheld Shower Head

A handheld showerhead offers you multiple advantages. It is the most flexible showerhead in the market today, and it can enable you to perform more functions than just showering. The following are the advantages that are related with handheld showerheads.

Why Handheld Shower Head Is the Best Choice?

SkyGenius handheld showerhead

Compared to all the other four showerheads, the SkyGenius handheld showerhead is the ultimate best. It is diverse in scope because you can manipulate its pressure and direction with much ease. Below are some reasons that make it the best choice.

High water-pressure

 SkyGenius handheld showerhead

SkyGenius handheld showerhead

Easy bathroom cleaning

The SkyGenius handheld showerhead makes it very easy for you to clean the bathroom area (including the walls and floor). That is because it allows you to spray water on specific places that need attention.

30% Water conservation

Other types of showerheads dispense more water than handheld ones. That means it allows you to conserve water and by extension, you can save.

SkyGenius handheld showerhead

Highly flexible

a handheld showerhead can be controlled and managed easily. That makes it ideal for people with varying capabilities. For example, it can be comfortably used by the physically challenged as well as the elderly.

High flexibility-SkyGenius

Applicable User of SkyGenius Handheld Shower Head

1. Wash any part of your body.

the SkyGenius handheld showerhead is flexible enough for you to direct the water flow to any part of your body when you want.

Its name originates from the fact that you can remove it from its mounting position and hold it in your hand. Consequently, it is the most adaptable showerhead that you can find. All you need to do is direct the head to where you want to spray water. They are most valuable, but the comfort and luxury that they come with are worth every single penny.

SkyGenius handheld showerhead

2. Get fixed and unfixed parts.

You don't need to choose to fix mount or unfixed mount because it can do both! So it offers complete flexibility to switch between both modes with ease.

3. Superb for children.

A handheld showerhead allows you enough flexibility to direct the water spray onto any part of your kid’s body. It is a sure way of ensuring they are fully and thoroughly rinsed while still keeping yourself dry.

SkyGenius handheld showerhead

4. Work well for the elderly.

An elderly person will find it fairly hard to use other types of showerheads. However, with the SkyGenius handheld showerhead, they can spray water as slowly as they desire and onto any part of their body. In addition to that, twisting and turning in the shower can be greatly reduced by using a hand held shower. This will reduce discomfort and reduce the accidents of slips and falls.

 5.Easy to clean pets.

If you have any pet, and you like to clean it in the bathroom, the SkyGenius handheld showerhead is your ultimate solution. Its hose can extend significantly, and it allows you to direct streams of water onto the specific part of your pet. Just make sure to give your shower a good clean once you’re finished.

SkyGenius handheld showerhead

What's the feature of SkyGenius Handheld Shower Head

Length of the hose: It has a long hose will offer you greater flexibility as it can reach a longer distance. the SkyGenius handheld showerheads have a hose with 4.9 feet long, which is adequately sufficient in the bathroom.

SkyGenius handheld showerhead
The hole of the head: the amount of the hole decides how much water will be streamed. Worked in 2.5gpm water flow and 53 holes will be fit, upgraded eco water saving mode with 3 settings.

SkyGenius handheld showerhead

Quality: showerheads differ in materials. The most well-known ones are chrome, bras, ABS. The SkyGenius showerhead is chrome-finish, which is more durable.

 SkyGenius handheld showerhead

It is certain that if you install the SkyGenius showerhead in your bathroom, your shower experiences will be very amazing, and they will leave you clean and relaxed. Judging from the installation procedure, you might have noticed that it is a simple do-it-yourself thing that cannot give you any challenges. Therefore, get a model that pleases you and remodel your showerhead for a better bathroom.

SkyGenius handheld showerhead

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