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Battery Powered Clip-on Fan For Stroller (3 colors) Home SkyGenius
Battery Powered Clip-on Fan For Stroller (3 colors) Home SkyGenius
Battery operated clip-on fan
Battery operated clip-on fan
SkyGenius portable battery operated clip on fan for stroller - black
SkyGenius clip on battery operated fan - yellow
Battery operated clip-on fan

Battery operated clip-on fan

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Clip-on Fan And Desk Fan 2 In 1 Design

This fan is intended for strollers, but you could easily attach it to a car seat, bunk bed, or lawn mower.

If you don't want to clip it, you have the option to set it on the floor or table. The base is evenly weighted so it won't fall over.

Powerful Yet Quiet

It offers 3 wind speeds. With activity in a room, no one will notice the sound even on the highest setting.

360° Horizontal/Vertical Rotation

The fan head is adjustable. You can point it anywhere you want it to go.

Strong, Safe And Sturdy

It grabs tightly and will not shake or fall easily. The battery fan as a whole has passed UL testing. No risk of burning or explosion.


Great for baby stroller, home, office, laptop, gym workout, car backseat, camping, trips, anywhere that needs air circulation to cool you down.


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Item Weight
273 gram
Packing weight
390 gram
Item Dimension
19x15x10 centimeter
Package Dimension
20x15.5x10.5 centimeter
Battery Type
18650 Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity
Battery Time
2.5~6 Hours(depends on different speed)
Charging Time
About 4.5 hours
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Output Current
Power Rating
3W(max speed), 1.5W(lowest speed), 2W(USB powered)


  • 1 x battery Fan
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery


  • Only the medium speed mode is available when it is USB powered.
  • The battery type is '18650 battery', you can find it on Amazon easily.
  • There is a plastic gasket between the battery and the positive electrode. Please remove the gasket the first time you use it.
  • When being charged, the charging indicator light on the back will turn red, and automatically off when it is fully charged.
SkyGeniius Rechargeable Clip-on Stroller Fan

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