3-Level High Pressure Handheld Shower Head

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3-Level High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

SkyGenius shower head holder


+ Tool-less and hassle-free installation even for a housewife.

+ 3 setting spray modes with 4.9ft flexible stainless steel hose.

+ Silicone jets make it easy to clean and anti-clogging.

+ High-pressure spray against a low-pressure water pipe.

+ Chrome-finish ABS, durable and lightweight. Corrosion-resistant brass nuts allow for hand-tightening.

Shower Head 

Rust-resistance, durable & lightweight

The shower head body and bracket mount are made from durable ABS engineering grade plastic with full chrome-finish, which is of high strength and heat resistant.

hand held shower head

Adjustable 3 settings

One shower head for 3 kinds of showering experience: Powerful rain, Pulsating massage, Eco rain(Mixed)

adjustable shower head


Anti-clogging & self-cleaning nozzles

The Silicone Rubber Jet Nozzles prevent the build-up of minerals, easy for self-cleaning by fingers

 shower head with hose

A built-in 2.5gpm flow restrictor

Provide optimal water flow for an amazing shower experience.

high pressure shower head
SkyGenius shower head holder
SkyGenius shower head holder

Installation Instructions

chrome shower head

shower head with hose

detachable shower head

high pressure shower head

Step 1

Before connecting, please make sure that the filter is in the hex nut, and then connect the bracket to the diverter.

Step 2

Put a washer into the hex nut of the shower hose and connect it to the bracket.

(Note: Please don't reverse the joint between the two ends of the hose)

Step 3

Put another washer into the conical nut of the shower hose and connect it to the hand shower head.

Step 4

Finished! Adjust it to your desired angle.


Material: Chrome-finish ABS body + Stainless steel hose +Brass connector

Hose length: 4.9ft

Spray modes: Powerful rain, Pulsating massage, Eco rain

Package Contents

1 x Handheld showerhead(Built-in 2.5gpm regulator)

1 x 4.9ft stainless steel hose

1 x Adjustable overhead Bracket(Built-in filter)

2 x Washers

1 x Seal Tape