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SkyGenius Fans

Your everyday wire-free cooling device.

1. Can I take the SkyGenius fans on the airplane?

Yes, you can. SkyGenius fans use lithium-ion batteries. According to FAA rules, devices containing lithium batteries should be kept in carry-on baggage. If your battery fan is packed in checked baggage, it should be completely off. Free from concern when taking your mini fan for the vacation.

2. Are the SkyGenius fans waterproof?

Small amounts of sweat or rain are not an issue. However, this product is not waterproof. Avoid using in wet conditions.

3. How do I replace the battery in the rechargeable fan

18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery is compatible with all the SkyGenius fans. You can purchase them on Amazon to replace the missing battery.

4. How to clean a small fan

4.1 Open the fan by taking off the front cover.

4.2 Then use a slightly damp tissue or dry cloth to gently wipe the fan blades.

4.3 Rinse the front cover in tap water.

4.4 When they are completely dry, put them back with a screwdriver. Make sure the screws are all tight.

4.5 Although it is difficult to clean the small fan motor, you can easily blow the dust out with an air duster.