Graphene Far Infrared Heating Blanket

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Graphene  Far Infrared Heating Blanket

What's Graphene?

For groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene.

Graphene is the newest, strongest and thinnest material. As a conductor of heat, it outperforms all other known materials.

Graphene  Far Infrared Heating Blanket

How does Far Infrared work?

Our bodies radiate far infrared energy through the skin at 3 to 50 microns, with most output at 9.4 microns.

Graphene‘far infrared rays’ have a wavelength 6~19 microns, which compatible with the human body and can be easily absorbed.

Far Infrared Ray is waves of energy, which positively help to activate body systems and functions.

Graphene  Far Infrared Heating Blanket

Health Benefits of Far Infrared Radiation:

FIR Detoxifies Your Body

Far Infrared Therapy Promotes Blood Circulation

FIR increases blood circulation and oxygen

FIR Help Chronic Fatigue

FIR Reduces Pain and Stiffness(reducing muscle spasms, muscle soreness, and relief for rheumatoid arthritis.

FIR Relieves Back Pain Symptoms

FIR Boosts Your Immune System

Graphene  Far Infrared Heating Blanket


  • Innovative safe heating material, 4 expensive 4" x 6" Graphene film inside. Would not electric burn like others.
big size heating pad
  • Graphene provides pure far infrared radiation to relieve back cramps arthritic abdominal stomach Pain. No electromagnetic radiation.
big size heating pad
  • 12V 3A power more safety, 1h auto shut-off, 3 temperature setting, build in overheating protection mechanism.
  • Crystal super soft cloth, flexible for various parts of the body. Detachable washable cover. Without chemical smell like another cheap one.
  • Keep the pad closer to the body for hot feel, safe to lay on the pad.
Graphene  Far Infrared Heating Blanket


    Heating material: Graphene heating film

    Standard size: 12*24 inches

    Coat material: Crystal super soft cloth

    Inner cover material: PP cotton

    Technical principle: The graphene heating film produces far infrared light waves

    Power adapter :(OUTPUT):12V---3A, 36W

    Auto-off: 1 hour

    Highest Surface Temperature: 120℉


    1*Graphene warm pad

    2*long cord


    1*Instruction book


    1: Turn on the power by pressing the power button.

    2: 3 temperature setting: Low setting (No.1). Medium setting (No.2). High setting (N0.3)

    3: The pad has an automatic shut off timer which is set to 60 minutes (this function cannot be adjusted).