Control Panel

1. Cloud Storage (Optional)

Cloud Storage

After purchasing this service, you can encrypt and upload videos based on moving-object detection to cloud storage. And feel free to view the recorded video on App at anytime, anywhere.

● The video triggered by motion detection will be saved to the cloud automatically.

● If a SD card is inserted, the motion detection video will be saved to both Cloud storage and SD card.

● We provide a discounted price of $ 0.01 for first month experience.

2. Direction (Pan & Tilt)

direction control

You can rotate the camera by using the direction panel.

Note: Due to the network environment, rotation may not be that smooth and the stream of the live video may be slightly delayed.

3. Preset

Click the "+" icon on the upper right corner, to preset the specific position for your camera.

The position can be saved, called and deleted. You can pre-save multiple positions to get quick response.

4. Site Cruising


Calling a preset position: Click the picture directly, the camera will automatically turn to the specific direction you saved.

5. Automatic Patrol

patrol mode

prerequisite:turn on SD card recording or purchase cloud service  

The camera will rotate itself to patrol and start to record a video when motion detected.

1) Motion Tracking

The camera will detect moving object and track it automatically.

2) Patrol Mode

● Panoramic Cruising: The camera will automatically cruise 350° to get the whole view.

● Site Cruising: The camera will scan through all preset site, staying at each location for 10 seconds.
Note: This option requires the preset site.

3) Auto-patrol Time

● All-day Patrol: In this mode, camera will patrol 7x24 hours.

● Timed Patrol: In this mode, camera will patrol according to scheduled time.