Electric heating pads

What is an electric heating pad?

An electric heating pad emits even heat. As a heat therapy, the warmth provides pain relief and relieves tension in the shoulders, neck, or back.

How does electric heating pad work?

Mid-size electric heating pads usually work with an output of 30-60 watts. Some larger products have an output of 100 or 120 watts. The heating wires inside the heating pad convert the electricity into heat and emit it evenly across the pad. 

The cover of the heating pad serves as protection against excessive heat. On the other hand, the washable and removable cover offers a clean and hygienic surface. 


Automatic switch-off

Most heating pads are built with an automatic switch-off to prevent them from overheating. But you should always unplug the item after use, in case of the unintended switch-on.

Quality design

The surface of a well-made electric heating pad is smooth and soft. The stitching on the fabric should look nice and firm. Internal heating wires should be arranged flat and neat, without crossing each other.

Temperature control

Make sure the temperature setting is easy to change and the power button is working well. When it’s on, there should be no rustling noise. Some poorly-made heating pads could have defects in the controller, which appears to be dangerous.

Uses of the electric heating pad

You can use heating pads for different purposes. In the cold winter months, heating pads keep you toasty warm. And you can use the heating pad for heat therapy to relieve tension, sore muscle, or pain.

For back pain

Back pain is often due to muscle-related causes that can be alleviated by heat therapy.

For headaches

Having a throbbing headache? Instead of taking a tablet, many people help themselves with a heating pad. The temperature can relieve the headache.

For neck pain

You can soothe muscle tension in the neck area by placing a heating pad on it.

For joint pain

A heating pad may help relieve knees pain or other parts of your body.

For period pain

The soothing warmth also helps women during the period to relieve menstrual discomfort.


How to clean an electric heating pad?

The cover is made of easy-care fabric. Therefore, it’s easy to wash and maintain. Simply remove the cover and put it into the washing machine.

Can I wash the whole electric heating pad?

No. You should only wash the cover. Heating pads are usually designed with a removable cover or a separable heating element. This feature makes it possible to stay hygienic.

How much electricity does a heating pad use?

It really depends on the size of the heating pad and the temperature setting. The power of mid-size heating pads is mostly 30-60 Watts. If you switch to a lower temperature setting, it will certainly consume less electric energy.

Where can I buy a heating pad?

If you need professional advice, buy it from a medical supplies store near you is the better choice. On the Internet, however, you can find a wider range and lower prices.

How long should I leave an electric heating pad on?

The electric heating pad can usually be used for 90 minutes due to the switch-off function. If the heating pad has automatically powered off, you can turn it on again. However, continuous operation without interruption is not possible.

Can I put the heating pad on my stomach?

You can place the heating pad on the stomach, back, shoulder, or neck area and other parts of the body. It's worth mentioning that you must not sit on the heating pad, as the heating wire might break.

Are there heating pads for animals?

Many manufactures offer heating pads for animals. They can keep pets a little warmer in the cold season. However, these heating pads are not electric, but usually have to be heated up in the microwave.

How to properly store your heating pad?

The heating pad should be stored in a dry and cool place if you do not use it for a long time. Make sure not to place heavy objects on the heating pad as they could damage the product.

Are battery-operated heating pads also available?

Some heating pads run on rechargeable batteries. This feature makes it more flexible to use without the power supply.