Binoculars for hiking and trekking

Binoculars are a valuable companion on a hike or a mountain tour.

If you want to choose the inexpensive binoculars for hiking and trekking, you are at the right place with the three presented SkyGenius binoculars.

Small, lightweight, and foldable: SkyGenius 8x21 binoculars

With a weight of only 175 grams, the small 8x21 binoculars are very lightweight and comfortable to hold in hand.

The SkyGenius 8x21 pocket binoculars can be folded up very small. It can find space in your jacket, belt, or pocket even without a backpack. With an attractive price of under 50 dollars,  it is an affordable option for outdoor binoculars beginners.

Despite the low price, the lens of SkyGenius 8x21 binoculars are fully multi-coated and thus offer a sharp image and good color fidelity. 

Compact, lightweight, but tougher: SkyGenius 10x25 binoculars

With the rubberized surface, the compact SkyGenius 10x25 binoculars for under 50 dollars are the ideal companion on demanding trekking tours and hikes that can get a little tougher. The multi-coated lenses ensure outstanding image sharpness for your hiking adventure. 

Weighing just 235 grams, the 10x hiking binoculars can still be held very easily in the hand without a tripod. Although the compact 10x25 binoculars have a Porro prism design, they can still find their place in every bag and hiking backpack.

Compact, lightweight, and waterproof: SkyGenius 10x42 binoculars

Despite its price of fewer than 50 dollars, the compact SkyGenius 10x42 binoculars offer waterproof and nitrogen-filled housing. This protects it against fogging during temperature changes. The 10x magnification with a lens diameter of 42 mm makes the inexpensive outdoor binoculars a solid companion for observing nature even in the early evening hours.

With a weight of 600 grams, it is a reliable companion even on long trekking tours and hikes. The protective lens cover ensures that the binoculars can be transported safely at all times.  

Are you looking for really good binoculars for hiking and trekking, so that you can take the time for extensive nature observation or wildlife watching? 

Compact binocular design

Modern binoculars for hiking, trekking, and travel are usually equipped with high-quality roof prism glasses, enabling a particularly compact and slim design of the outdoor binoculars. Compact roof prism binoculars can fit easily into any pocket or can be folded even smaller.

In contrast to the Porro prism glasses, the roof prism structures require precise manufacturing techniques. High-quality materials are also needed for good imaging performance and binocular magnification. Therefore, the best binoculars with high-quality roof prism glasses are usually more expensive than classic binoculars with a Porro prism.

Some hikers use binoculars mostly during the day when there is enough light, and only occasionally want to look for the way or a few animals. In this case, a small inexpensive pocket binocular is sufficient for most hikers.

The ideal hiking binocular magnification

When hiking, you can take many wonderful experiences home with you. Whether deer, elk, marmot, or mountain goats, you can see wild animals in the distance again and again. Most of the time they noticed you long before you could even get closer. If you have the binoculars ready at hand, you will be able to observe the animals in their natural environment with a magnification of 8 or 10 times. 

The magnification can be seen from the figures. For example, binoculars with the number 8x30 offer 8x magnification and an objective diameter of 30 mm. The larger the magnification, the more details you can see. The larger the lens diameter, the more light can enter. Binoculars with a lens diameter of 50 mm, for example, are so bright that they deliver good images even at dawn or dusk. However, these binoculars are correspondingly large and heavy. 

Lens diameter of 21 to 30 mm is sufficient for hikes and mountain tours. These models also impress with their low weight and compact dimensions. 

8 to 10 times magnification and an objective diameter of 21 to 30 mm are completely sufficient for observing in daylight.

Handling and visual comfort for hiking binoculars

In order to be able to enjoy hiking binoculars, they must offer optimal visual comfort. There are some individual customization options: 

  • Eye relief: The distance from the pupil or glasses to the eyepiece lens is different for every person. It is therefore important that you can set this individually. This can be done by turning the eyecups on the binoculars. Glasses wearers can twist down the two eyecups to keep the eyes closer to the lenses.
  • Pupillary distance: Everyone also has a different interpupillary distance. Thus a different interpupillary distance of binoculars should be taken into account. The two halves of the binoculars should be able to be squeezed together so that there is no annoying shadow in the image. 
  • Diopter compensation: Binoculars should be able to compensate for differences in your two eyes. With diopter adjustment, glasses wearers can use binoculars without glasses. 

Design and accessories

During hiking, you might be able to see a pack of mountain goats, a black bear, or a bird unexpectedly. But most of them are in motion. If you want to observe them through binoculars, you need to act quickly. It's good if the binoculars are already hanging around your neck and are easy to focus on by the central wheel.

In terms of design, there are binoculars in different colors. The most common ones are black, which goes well with your hiking outfits. The material of the housing is particularly important: it should be resilient, robust, and fit comfortably in the hand.

Why SkyGenius

As an absolute beginner with binoculars, you might want to invest in budget-friendly binoculars for your hikes. Or maybe you just go on occasional long walks with the whole family.

If that's the case, you probably don't want to spend too much money on your first binoculars but are simply looking for an entry-level model that you can also give to your children without hesitation.

The attractive price of fewer than 50 dollars makes the binoculars from SkyGenius one of the best models for an ambitious entry into the outdoor area.

You can easily exchange the binoculars if they do not meet your expectations. All SkyGenius binoculars come with a two-year warranty for material-related damage to the binoculars.