Clip fan

Why do you need a clip fan?

Clip fans are very practical and versatile in everyday life. 

You can set the fan at your desk in your home office. It is small and takes less space, which is perfect for the workplace in high temperatures. Sometimes the AC takes longer to cool your room. While the warm air still remains, you can mount the clip fan above your bed and enjoy the breeze. Or use this fan at night if you have hot flashes. 

A clip fan runs on its battery, so you can easily carry it around where you need it. It is going to be a lifesaver in summer as your baby gets sweaty in the car seat and stroller. You will be able to use this fan anytime you are outside to keep your baby cool. With a sturdy clip, it will not slide or fall on the stroller while walking. Even when it's off-season, you can use the clip fan to cool baby food down.



Clip fans are very flexible and clip easily to many surfaces from desks and shelves to strollers and golf buggies.

The clip is very sturdy to ensure a good grip. It's easy to adjust the fan to blow on you at the perfect angle and speed.

It's also small enough to be considered compact but has an excellent quality breeze. There are 3 different settings so you can choose whichever flow is needed. 

If you don't have enough electrical outlets for the fan to plug into, you can connect it to a computer USB port or power bank. The great thing is that it is battery-operated. You can take it anywhere without having the cord lugging around you.



When designing a clip fan, the weight and size are taken into account. A lightweight and mini fan allow the clip to support it nicely and sit still on a desk. Since it is small, the amount of airflow will be limited. You cannot expect it to cool down all the people in the same room. But a clip fan is enough for personal use.


What is a clip fan

A clip fan looks very identical to a small desk fan. But the clip is strong and wide enough to clasp onto a desk or shelf. They can also be free-standing fans. The base is sturdy enough to comfortably sit well and supports the fan excellently. Clip fans come in classic tones such as black or white, are offered in bright colors and different shapes. Basically, it is always important to ensure that the rotor blades are surrounded by protective housing. If the clip slides and the fan falls on the floor, the rotor can otherwise be severely damaged. It is always a good idea to read customer reviews and use the experience to find the best model and be well informed. It is best to do enough research before buying one of the models.


Other types of clip fan

Clip fans with bendable legs

These models consist of a stand, octopus-like legs, fan blades, and a protective grille. The size depends on the selected model. On average, they have a height of around 30cm to 50cm. A smaller one is enough and consumes less power. The bendy legs allow you to attach the fan in various ways. They grab tightly on a jogging stroller. If you don't want to clip it, simply remove it and set it on the desk.


Clip fans for the hat

The clip fan for the hat is a creative design for the summer. It is a good idea to attach such a model to a baseball cap when it is particularly hot outside. The fan with a clip usually has a small battery compartment or a solar cell. This means that it can be operated with batteries or solar energy. The small rotor blades then point to the face and provide fresh air. It would be very helpful when you go to concerts and sit there in the blazing sun, at sporting events or at parties, or for a fishing day at the lake.


Oscillating clip fan

There are oscillating and non-oscillating fans. Basically, an oscillating fan means The head of the fan can move side to side. In this way, the scope of air movement will be enlarged. 


Where can I buy clip fans?

There is a large selection of clip fans. You will first want to search, find out about the various brands and learn more about the features. The focus is on price, power consumption, volume, and, of course, quality. You will find various offers when shopping online. Here at SkyGenius, you get the best quality of clip fans at affordable prices with free shipping in the USA. The small clip fans are also often used as prizes at events or as gifts for customers and employees. If you want to place a bulk order, you can contact us at for the wholesale price.