Information For Wholesale Customers

Why Choose Us

The SkyGenius brand is of particular interest to wholesale customers.

There is an exciting product range with reliable service for the end customers together with attractive conditions for the dealer.

We would like to invite retailers worldwide to join us, as we ship by DHL, UPS, USPS and Global Express mail globally.

How to open up a wholesale account

Click HERE to get started with authentication by telling us the basics of your business.

It might takes about 5 minutes to complete the form.

After that, please allow up to 1 business day to proceed your request. Our sales team will be in touch with you ASAP.

Benefits you can expect :

- Higher Profits

Experience higher profit margins and simplified pricing structures. You won't need a rocket scientist to help you figure out your costs.

- Fewer Competitors

You won't find SkyGenius products at mass market chain stores like Target or Costco or at other deep discount retailers.

- Product Innovation

SkyGenius’s team is always working to bring you new and exciting products like our extensive line of binoculars and battery operated fans.

- Personal Service

You'll get the best in personal service to support your business. Contact us via email anytime you need assistance.

Quick Link: Become Our Wholesale Customer

Click HERE to register.