Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Benefits of rechargeable hand warmers

  • Quick warming: it warms up in a few seconds after turning on the power
  • Adjustable temperature: you can choose the appropriate level that suits your need
  • Power bank function: it can be used all season
  • Great for soothing Raynaud's syndrome, and arthritic hand
  • Best value: cost per use is low

Rechargeable hand warmers are economical because they can be used repeatedly. The price varies from $15 to $69. Even if you include the electricity bill for charging, the cost efficiency is outstanding. Being reusable makes them more eco-friendly.


Rechargeable hand warmers vs disposable hand warmers

Rechargeable hand warmers  Disposable hand warmers

Eco-friendly and economically reusable;

It warms hands from both sides;

Temperature can be adjusted. Power off when not in use;

Less risk of low-temperature burns;

Can also be used as a power bank or LED light

Long duration;

Ready to use without preparation;

Lightweight and easy to carry


Short duration;

Inconvenient to charge every time;

The body is a bit heavy

Too hot to start with, but eventually return to an adequate temperature;

Risk of low-temperature burn

Duration Up to 8 hours About 12 hours
Temperature 40 ℃ , 50 ℃ , 60 ℃ 53 ℃
Weight 180g 42g
Cost per use $0.05 $0.5


Are rechargeable hand warmers safe?

There are two designs to make sure the rechargeable hand warmer is working properly and safely. They are the protection circuit and thermostat.

The thermostat keeps the temperature at a moderate level and stops heating when the temperature rises above the limit. It can prevent accidents caused by excessive temperature rise. At the same time, it keeps the proper temperature at all times. So they won't get too hot like a disposable hand warmer.

Since electric hand warmers use lithium-ion batteries, it becomes a major concern and people are worried about fire accidents. This is not an issue with the safety construction. The built-in protection circuit protects the hand warmer from overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits.

Design and construction of electric rechargeable usb hand warmer power bank

How  to choose a rechargeable hand warmer


Many rechargeable hand warmers can adjust the temperature in two or three settings. The temperature usually varies from 40 to 60°C. The adjustable temperature makes it flexible for all kinds of use. For those who live in cold areas or who want to use it outdoors such as winter jogging, watching sporting events, etc, the high-temperature setting of 50℃ will be more suitable.  If you use it at bedtime or in your pocket for a long time, a low-temperature setting of around 40℃ is enough. People who have sensitive skin can rest assured that they can set the lowest temperature to avoid low-temperature burns. 



The working time of rechargeable hand warmers varies depending on the product.  Some of them can be used for about 2 to 3 hours to those that can be used for 8 hours or more. If you spend tens of minutes or two hours a day, such as commuting or walking the dog, a short duration will be enough. If you're working or being outdoors for a long time (golf, fishing, camping), choose one that lasts 8 hours or more.

How long hand warmers last are mainly associated with battery capacity. You can take a look at the "mAh" value. Most electric hand warmers have a battery capacity of 5200mAh. A long-lasting hand warmer with 10000mAh capacity can last up to 8 hours. While they will be larger and heavier,  which are not suitable for people with small hands.


Charging time

Does this happen to you all the time? You suddenly get cold and need a heating source, or you are just about to leave the house, but you forget to charge the hand warmer. If that's often the case, a shorter charging time will help.

Charging time may take from 2 to 3 hours to 5 hours, so be sure to check the charging time before buying a rechargeable hand warmer.


Power bank function

Most of the rechargeable hand warmers have a power bank function. You can use the USB port to charge your cellphone, camera, tablet, and other USB devices. Since it can be used in all seasons, not limited to winter, which is going to get you the best value. Also, in activities such as camping, fishing, or hiking, electricity is not easy to access. A portable hand warmer power bank will come in handy in such outdoor activities.  If you use your cellphone frequently on the go, choose a hand warmer with a large battery capacity.  If the model comes with a  capacity of 7,000mAhor more, you can fully charge the phone twice.


Some other functions

Rechargeable hand warmers are also available in models with useful features other than a power bank.

When the sun goes down early, the LED light will be helpful and convenient. When it's cold and your fingers tend to be stiff, having a massage function will help improve blood circulation and relieve stiffness.



You want to choose a good reliable hand warmer that lasts for years to come. Considering the possibilities of defective items or getting damaged during shipping,  it is recommended to choose a product with a solid warranty period. SkyGenius offers a standard 2-year warranty for sitewide products. So you can rest assured that even if a problem occurs, you can reach out to us for a free replacement at no cost.


How to use the rechargeable hand warmer

The rechargeable hand warmer can be used on various parts of the body. However, just like electric heating pads, disposable hand warmers, and hot bottles, misuse can cause low-temperature burns. When using, be careful and do not touch the same area continuously for a long time.


What is a low-temperature burn?

Prolonged contact with objects at around  45℃ may cause minor burns such as pain and blisters. As a guide,  if you touch it at 45℃ for 6 hours and at 50℃ or higher for 1 to 2 hours, symptoms will be more likely to occur. The low-temperature burns may also cause damage to the deep layer of the skin, which is difficult to heal.  If you have low-temperature burn symptoms, seek medical attention regardless of whether it is mild or severe.


Where you can apply it to?

  • Hold it in your hand to warm your fingertips
  • Place it under your feet at bedtime to prevent your feet from getting cold
  • Put it in your clothes or jacket pocket
  • When you want to warm your stomach and hips, apply it over your clothes.


Use instruction

  • Long press the power button to turn it on/off
  • Short press the power button to switch the temperature level


How to dispose of the rechargeable hand warmer?

Most rechargeable hand warmers use lithium batteries.  Old batteries contain hazardous raw materials. So rechargeable hand warmers must NOT be disposed of with household waste. It would be better to find a drop-off center or community battery recycling program near you.


Where can I buy a rechargeable hand warmer?

In local stores, rechargeable hand warmers are only available in winter. If you try to buy it in the off-season (summer), you can find them at Amazon, eBay, Target, or Walmart. These online shopping platforms supply seasonal products all year round. 

While shopping at SkyGenius, you can buy the hand warmers and have them delivered worldwide with trackable delivery, and get a hassle-free 2-year warranty.