Live View

 Live View

1. Standard / High Definition.

Click to switch the picture quality.

2. Speaker

Click to turn on/off speaker.

3. Screenshot

Shot a photo from the live screen. The captured pictures will be saved to the local albums, you can check it through the "…" button → "Albums".

4. Microphone

turn on or off mic for talking.

5. Video Record

Record a video. The video will be saved to your phone, you can check it through the "…" button → "Albums".

Note: For IOS devices, please view screenshots and videos on your phone's → "Photos" "Albums".

6. Pan Tilt

You can swipe the live view to control the direction of the camera.

Pan Tilt

7. Zoom in

Double-click or expand with two fingers to zoom in for a focus check in live view.

zoom in


8.Full Screen Mode

In full screen, use the circular control panel in the red frame to control the

You can also control it by swipe, double-click, zoom to focus lin the view by expanding with two fingers.

Full Screen Mode