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S01 Stroller Fans


SkyGenius S01 stroller fans keep your little one cool when going out for walks. It clips onto any surface on your baby stroller. Bumper bar, handlebar, snack tray, canopy, back car seat, crib, and any other places.

  • 3 speed settings
  • Adjustable fan head that rotates in 360 degree
  • Baby-safe housing to protect curious tiny fingers
  • Strong clamp holds on snugly with secure-grip
  • Battery powered or USB charged

SkyGenius S01 Stroller Fan

New design and improved feature with SkyGenius® S01 Stroller Fan. Compatible with any strollers.



Strong Clamp

The universal clamp is intended for stroller's square and round bars. It is tested to be very sturdy and held tightly. SkyGenius S01 fans stay in place even in a car or on a bumping stroller ride, leaving you peace of mind.

Baby-safe Housing

The fan cover protects curious toddlers from reaching the fan blades.



Mini and Compact

Simply clip or remove with one-hand operation. It won't get in the way when you seat or unseat your baby. Despite small in size, it moves the air around your kid, effectively keeping the bugs away when playing outside.

Flexible Fan Head

The fan head swivels in a 360 degree rotation. Whether you place it on the back car seat or baby pram, you can adjust it to the right angle to ensure baby gets a breeze.



Gentle White Noise Ambience

Colicky babies respond well to white noise. The soothing fan sound helps them settle down fast. Whether to soothe a crying infant or to help them sleep better, let this little fan do the job.


Dimensions 8 x 5.1 x 3.4 inches
Weight 11.7 ounces
Battery Type 18650 Li-ion battery (flat top)
Battery Capacity 2500 mAh
Run Time 3 ~ 6 hours (depend on different speed settings)
Charging Time 1.5 ~ 2 hours
Input Voltage 5V
Output Voltage 4 ~ 6V
Output Current 0.35 ~ 1A
Power Rating 3W(high), 1.5W(low), 2W(medium / USB powered)
Color Options Black, White, Blue, Pink