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SkyGenius S01 Stroller Fan - Black
SkyGenius S01 battery operated clip on fan for stroller - white
SkyGenius S01 Battery Operated Stroller Fan - Blue
SkyGenius S01 fan for stroller - pink

S01 Stroller Fan

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SkyGenius S01 is a portable clip-on fan designed to be compatible with any stroller brand. Featuring a strong clip, it can be either attached to the canopy or mounted on the handlebar/ bumper bar. Despite its mini size, it provides 3-speed airflow that is powerful enough to keep your baby cool during hot summer. This fan also comes with a flexible fan head. You can point it anywhere you want it to go when your little one sleeps in various positions. With the extremely quiet motor, it generates very little noticeable humming sound to soothe your baby into a comfortable sleep.


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