SkyGenius stainless steel pull down spring kitchen faucet 360 degree rotation with sprayer (brushed nickel)

Finally a kitchen faucet that looks chic and is multifunctional - the pulldown spring kitchen faucet from SkyGenius.

Why you should choose it

  • The faucet from SkyGenius looks great and goes perfectly with your kitchen sink.
  • The single handle design is easy to operate - even with the back of your hand when both hands are full.
  • The pulldown kitchen faucet has a high spout for easy filling of pots, vases, cans, or buckets. 
  • There is an optimal range of motion of the spout, which can be swiveled through 360° and makes filling easier.
  • Two modes are available: spray and stream. Clean the dishes like a pro. The function also makes your kitchen work a lot easier.
  • This kitchen faucet is crafted from stainless steel, polished, and finished with the latest technology for timeless beauty and durability.
  • The warranty period for faucets purchased from SkyGenius is 3 years.


Faucet body material: Stainless steel

Valve material: Ceramic

Adjustment handle: Stainless steel

Water supply hoses: Nylon & PVC

Sprayer holder: Stainless steel

Spray head: ABS plastic

Internal parts: Copper

Finish: Brushed nickel

Dimensions & Installation

Faucet height: 16.2 inches

Spout Height: 4.5 inches

Spout Reach: 9.6 inches

water supply hoses: 32.0 inches

Max deck thickness: 1.8 inches

Mounting hole: 1.37-1.5 inches

Valve connection: 3/8 inches