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Instructions to Choose the Ideal Stroller Fan

SkyGenius Rechargeable Mini Clip Fan

Picking the right stroller fan for you is such an important choice. if you pick a cheaper fan, for example, a shopping mall fan, you'll find you're constantly managing issues like dead batteries or a device that will effectively fall apart.

Here are something to pay attention to guarantee you're buying the ideal one for your child.

Battery Life

The main thing you'll have to look out is the battery life of your picked fan. With cheaper fans, you can expect the maximum battery life of around 2 hours. This will be even less if you have a fan on full-speed. Bearing the hot summer is a nightmare for us. We intend to go haywire during power cuts. Then imagine how sensitive babies feel in hot summer if the battery of the stroller fan runs off midway? 

you can enjoy a battery life of around 4 to 6 hours, much better for when you're out about, and you would prefer not to be anxious about your battery run out halfway during your day out.

2600mAh Rechargeable Mini Clip Fan


When you clipped your fan onto your stroller, you'll need to ensure that you can modify the position of the fan, so it will really cool your baby. For this, you'll need a swivel base on the fan that can be positioned in any direction that you require.

A few fans will also come with an auto-swivel setting which means that your baby's whole body can be refreshed in the meantime.

SkyGenius 360 Rotation Mini Fan

Charging Function

With regards to a stroller fan, you'll want a device that can charge rapidly and efficiently so it's constantly prepared for use whenever you need it. The most ideal way to do this is by using a USB cable, as it provides quick charging abilities.

Some devices will just keep running off batteries, and this can be expensive if you need to always pay out for new batteries each time your fan dies. You can generally put rechargeable batteries instead.​

 USB or Battery

Fan case

Fan case is one of the principal factors to consider while you purchasing a stroller fan. Most stroller fans are available on the market that has opened cases. babies and children are always curious and may want to push their finger into those spaces and they can get unnecessarily injured by the fan's blades. If you want to stay away from this accident, you need to pick a stroller fan with a case that encloses the blades perfectly.

Fan blades

Choose a stroller fan that blades are well enclosed in the case. If your baby incidentally hits them, it doesn't hurt their fingers. 


PVC and ABS are the most universal materials for stroller fans. Since security and durability ought to be your essential concerns while buying a stroller fan, it's ideal to ensure that the material used is resistant to a collision, high temp and furthermore, waterproof.

PP Material


As long as you are buying a stroller with a clasp on joint, make it a point to ensure that the clasps are firmly connected to the covering of the stroller to deal with. Give a shake to ensure that the fan has no chance of fall down when in movement.

Strong Clip

No noise

Don't pick a fan that makes noise sound. It will irritate your baby when they are sleeping.

No Noise


You may need to clip the stroller fan to your stroller's canopy, handle or many different things, that is the reason the weight of the fan is significant for you. Thus, pick a stroller fan that is lightweight so you can carry it anyplace you need.

Adjustable Speed

A stroller fan with 2 to 3 adjustable speeds choice is a major function for you. You can adjust the fan speed lower or higher relying upon temperatures.

Step-less Settings


Stroller fans are such a basic and helpful accessory when it comes to keeping your child happy while they're out and about in their stroller. It is a lifesaver for your baby while they are outside in their stroller. So take the time to choose what kind of stroller fan you really need to buy. Always try to think about the item quality, not the budget.

Best Stroller Fan--SkyGenius

We trust that the SkyGenius 2600mAh Clip Fan is the best stroller fan on the market. It has a few incredible highlights that make the fan not quite the same as different fans. It has a step-less speed, a 2600mAh(2.5h-6h) rechargeable battery, and furthermore has a 360° rotation. The fan is also lightweight(273g) and has a strong clip that supports to attaches the fan anyplace on the regular stroller or Disney stroller. You can use this fan while it is charging and it also can be rechargeable by USB cable. The fan is accessible in 5 variant colors (black, blue, yellow, pink, white). 

All these great features are powerful enough to indicate why this is the best stroller fan. It's smarter to purchase a $20 fan that will last the trial of time as opposed to 3 or 4 fans at $10 that will continue to break.

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