Clip on stroller fans VS octopus fans with tripod legs

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Clip on stroller fans VS octopus fans with tripod legs - SkyGenius Online



Your baby's comfort is your top priority when going out for a walk in sweltering hot weather.


With stroller fans being the most popular choices to keep the little ones cool, you may start wondering which one to get.


Customers often ask us which is better, clip on fans vs fans with bendable legs, and can the baby stroller work with either?


It's a question that is not quite easy to answer, which totally depends on your needs.


Take a minute to read through this article and find out which fan is best for you.


Despite the fact that both types of fans make a great stroller fan, this post is mainly intended for helping you to choose the ideal fan for your specific type of baby stroller.


That being said, at we do have years of experience in the small fan industry. Using our expertise and quotes at the end of the article, you will be able to compare and decide for yourself.


If however you don't have time to read the entire article, below is the short and long of it. Keep on reading to get more detailed information.





Which fan is the best fit for your stroller?


 Clip on baby fan versus stroller fan with legs - which is best 01 Clip on baby fan versus stroller fan with legs - which is best 02Clip on baby fan versus stroller fan with legs - which is best 03




Clip-on stroller fans



Clip-on stroller fan fits almost every spot of the stroller, like the front guard, handlebar, sidebar, canopy, and child stray as well.


If a snack tray or canopy is the place to go, you know the clip fan can definitely work its magic with a simple clip.


The downside is clip-on fans are comparatively weak on a jogging stroller. When you run with your baby in a stroller, you might notice the little fan wobble and bounce quite a bit.


But if you are using a regular type of stroller, a clip-on fan can stay put as you expected. 



Stroller fans with flexible tripod legs




Stroller fans with bendy legs can latch on tight to the round bars. As an attachment to the jogging stroller, you will be surprised by how stable it remains when you are running on bumpy roads. Its flexible feet can be tightly wrapped around the stroller without getting shaken.


So if you have a jogging stroller, a stroller fan with bendable octopus-like legs is the ideal option.


That said, this fan is also a great fit for kids' bicycles if your boy is prone to sweating.


The downside is that the tripod does not last as long as a clip fan. After being constantly adjusted, the legs tend to break off from the fan. Once it gets metal fatigue, the legs can fall off easily.  If you plan on removing and attaching to multiple times, try a clip fan instead.







Benefits of using a stroller fan




A stroller fan is primarily designed to keep your baby sweat-free and comfortable on sultry days.


Even at nighttime, it's boiling hot if you live in a warmer climate. Walking at night when the sun has been down, you still feel like the heat was coming out of the ground.


With a battery operated stroller fan, you can simply attach it to the stroller and go for a walk with your little one.


The rotating fan head that comes with most stroller fans allows you to adjust the airflow and point it anywhere you want it to go when your little one sleeps in various positions.


It is blissfully quiet so be assured that it won't disrupt the sleep of your child at the highest speed.


So this allows your baby to stay cool outside and enjoy a relaxed walk.





Other types of stroller fans


Misting stroller fan




You may already know a fan does not produce cold air. They are pretty much like moving the air and carrying that hot air away.


While a misting stroller fan can actually take the cooling effect to the next level.


With the built-in mister, it uses evaporation to cool the air. The water vapor evaporates and the energy exchange cools the surrounding area around your child.


One big plus is,  the misting stroller fans nowadays won't soak your baby's face like the old school ones which were just like a spray bottle and soak your face.


It's just a light stream of mist coming out.


Your little one will feel the moisture gathering just a little, which is nice.



Clip on fan with flexible neck



Clip on fans with flexible neck are the traditional stroller fans that you're familiar with. 


Most of them don't come with a generous blade housing to prevent the curious fingers, so the fins are designed to be soft and baby-safe.


The running speed is fairly low so kids won't get their little fingers hurt.


Unlike the stroller fan with hard plastic blades, you know the foam fans aren't going to push a sufficient amount of air your baby needs when the outside is blistering hot. 


But if the weather is warmer and you just want some extra air circulation for your little one, this is good to go. It will provide a gentle breeze for your kids, which is also enjoyable.



Handheld fan with clamp



Just like the title suggests, it's a handheld fan that comes with an extra clamp rendering it possibly attach to the stroller.


The fan body can sit in the holder and then clip it to the handlebar of your wheelchair, your stroller wagon, whether it's round bars or square bars.


If you want to use your fan without attaching it to a bar, not a problem. Bend the bottom at a 90-degree angle so you can set this on a flat surface.


Just like other versatile fans, you can use it for almost anything or anywhere that you're going to need a fan.





Clip on stroller fans versus fans with bendable legs




Now that you are familiar with some of the different types of stroller fans, you probably want to know more about the difference between clip on fans and baby fans with bendy legs.


In this part, we are not going to talk about the common features like battery life, noise level, portability, fan speed, and price.


Battery powered stroller fans don't differ much when it comes to the above features.


Instead, we will discuss a bit more about the difference between the durability, versatility, and the applicable places that you care about.


As mentioned above there are good and not-so-good aspects of both.


You need to consider your specific needs and your stroller type, then decide which one will work best for you.





Quotes from stroller fan users


Clip on fan




"Love this clip on fan. We use it every day. Not just for stroller ride but I clip it by our PS4 to help keep it and the tv cool. We have a princess play tent that gets hot and we clip it in there to keep cool. Charge lasts a good amount of time too, we're probably gonna buy another one."


"Cool fan, the clip works well. The only ding will be while charging the variable speed does not work. One speed charlie."


"Just got back from a lovely trip to Disneyland. I bought two for our double stroller. With highs in the 80s, I anticipated running out of battery so I packed a backup, solar-power power bank. Well, I never needed it for our 4-day vacation. Even at the lowest power, it kept my kids (2 months & 15 months) comfortable. We have the City Select, in case you were wondering. I love the different ways this fan is able to articulate. It's able to clamp on the boldest handlebars and trays. Charging is a breeze with a micro USB. My kids can't poke their fingers into the blade housing...I don't think. The only drawback is the uncommon battery type this uses. It'd be nice to have a more common AA should parents need to run to the store to grab. I recommend this product."


"I bought this to clip on my baby's stroller for zoo and park trips to keep her cool. I used it a few times at home to try it out, but haven't taken it on a longer trip yet. It's rechargeable, so I'm curious about how long the battery will last. Probably a good idea to bring along a battery charging back up."


"We love this fan for our stroller. It clamps onto the side very well without falling. It also allows you to move it in many directions to get the right angle and stays in place. I also love that you can recharge it instead of having to replace batteries all the time. Highly recommend this item and will be buying another for the car too."


"This is my second clip fan! Not because the first one failed to work, but because I love it and now I have two kids to stroll around! Clips pretty much anywhere on the pram, easy to operate and charge, and keeps kids comfortable in the 90 degree heat!"


"I've used this several times on our jogging stroller while at theme parks, beaches, and on our daily walks. Pros-the battery lasts a VERY long time. I used it multiple full days in a row (Disney, zoo, beach) and I never needed to recharge it.-when the stroller shade is down and the fan is on max speed it keeps the inside of the stroller VERY cool. One day it was 112 outside and he took a nap holding his blanket while under his stroller canopy with the fan on max and he started to get cold!"


"We bought this to attach to our stroller to keep our newborn cool when out for walks in the summer heat. It is so helpful! It clips securely on the handle of the stroller seat and keeps our little one comfortable. The adjustable speed and direction are super helpful to keep it from blowing directly into the baby's face."


"I purchased this product for my newborn after it was recommended to me by another mom at our swim club. It clips on perfectly to the sides of her stroller and car seat. Once it is clipped on it is very easy to adjust it towards the baby. When it came time to feed or hold the baby, I simply unclipped it from the stroller and stood it on the table facing us. I think the battery life is pretty good. "


"LOVE this fan. It is so easy to use and the clip on feature is very secure but still easy to attach. I use this on my daughter's stroller and attach it in the middle of the footrest so she doesn’t reach for it. We used it for the first time this weekend, it was hot out but she still slept like a baby with the fan on her. It Hums but isn't terribly loud, I like that it runs on battery or USB charge. That's convenient. I have a different stroller fan with flexible legs, but this fan is MUCH more user-friendly. My husband and I were impressed by the difference between the two."


"I love these fans. I bought for both my kids in the car for the summer. I attach them to the luggage hooks in our SUV and I am able to point and direct them towards my kids to keep them cooled off. I also LOVE attaching one to my Tula baby carrier strap for my infant when we are at the zoo or an outdoor event. I get some weird looks because the fan isn't exactly tiny..but I figure they are just mad they didn't think of it. I like that I can clip these to our stroller too. I just wish the battery lasted longer..but I like that I can just plug them into the USB port in my car if I need to charge them up on the way somewhere. I would highly recommend these fans to anyone with kids or someone that is outdoors a lot."


"We are annual pass holders at Disney, and just had our first trip with our 1 month old baby. She's too young for sunscreen, so I had her fully covered by the canopies on her stroller and car seat. I clipped this fan to the edge of one of the canopies and was able to angle it perfectly. I frequently checked her body/face to see if she felt like she was getting too warm, but she stayed nice and cool. When we went on rides (yes, babies can go on any ride there is no height requirement for), inside, in the shade, or when there was a nice breeze, I turned the fan off to conserve battery, but other than that it ran near constantly for the 2 days we were in the parks. I am very happy I purchased this, and it has become an official part of our theme park packing list."


"We use this fan on my baby's car seat and pram. It hooks perfectly to the handle and really comes into use on our walks. We've never had a problem with it staying in place. My only complaint is the battery life on the fan. It only lasted us about a month. I can't find a replacement battery anywhere. Luckily there is a backup charging unit that we are able to use, so we can still get effective use out of the fan."



Baby fan with legs




"This fan works great! It has three settings, the last one is like tornado wind force lol! Love that it's not a clip like other portable fans because it holds better in all different places. The battery is rechargeable with USB and it came with an extra battery! Battery life is pretty good, lasts for a couple of hours on the lowest setting. The only negative is the legs have a foam that gets dirty and they seem like they may break if you're rough on them. Great purchase though, would definitely buy another one!"


"We got this to keep on our baby stroller for walks when it's particularly hot outside. The fan works well and battery life has been good. Unfortunately, the flexible legs gave out and 2 snapped simultaneously leaving it useless. I don't see myself purchasing another one. Mind you this was from normal use and we weren't rough with it."


"I bought this fan for my baby because the days have been super hot and my baby absolutely loves it, gives him a nice cooling air and the fan is virtually quiet, charges quickly and the charge lasts for a good amount of time. Also, I LOVE the legs on it because it Makes it easier to wrap around things. I mainly use it for my baby's car seat and it stays in place and doesn't move at all."


"I initially bought this fan to use it on my baby's stroller, but it's so versatile that I use it for his car seat, table, and crib. It's easily adjustable as well. It has a great design; Battery life is very good too, I used it for 3 days for 2-3 hours of use daily. The only issue I had was that one of the legs broke from the base while my husband tried adjusting it; however, I emailed the manufacturer and was offered a replacement. So be careful when adjusting it, don't adjust it from the base."


"  The first time we used this fan, the battery died during a road trip (maybe 3 hours into it). I wish it would've lasted longer but maybe those expectations were too high. Overall though this is a really cute fan, really easy to adjust with the legs, and the baby loves having it on his car seat to keep him cool in the backseat. Definitely a good idea for those babies who run hot in the car."


"I love that this can be put pretty much anywhere. The legs aren't flimsy, so it holds to objects really well. It has 3 settings that all work/feel great. My baby loves it."


"Broke within a few weeks. If you buy it, manipulate it and don't move it. If you move it from stroller to car seat, etc. more than say 5 times, the legs will break off from the fan. Didn't take much manipulation for them to break off."


" This little tripod fan is a great desk fan. It is USB powered and has multiple speeds. Our office gets warm and this is a great little fan to keep you cool. I like the Tripod legs although takes a little messing with to get it perfect."


"The 3 legs bend and maneuver around almost anything. The battery life is awesome and can run for hours! So great for hot car seats and pram rides."


"I love the idea of this product and how it can go onto anything. However, we ordered this fan at the end of May and not even 3 months in two of the three legs have already broke. I can no longer return it and am still puzzled at how the legs broke. Hoping they make the legs with a more durable material."


"I adore this fan; the battery life is long enough for our needs, the legs are perfectly bendy to wrap around the stroller. The only issue I have and the reason I won't give this item 5 stars is that one of the legs came undone a month or so into owning and using the product. I can reattach it but it doesn't stay attached for very long and breaks back off very easily."


"Only had this one day but it seems to be good and fairly sturdy. My infant is in an orthotic helmet so this has been helpful to set up to blow just at his helmet while nursing, in the car seat, on his playmat, and in bouncy seats. The tripod design makes it easy to get it low enough to blow on him wherever he is laying. Going to get a second so we can use two when outside to keep him cool. The legs are soft foam and collect dirt quickly (toddler brother) so I wouldn't recommend white. Lasts a pretty long time on low."


"Toddler has been in a spica cast all summer. We needed this to keep her cool in the southern summer heat. We love the three speeds and the bendable, moveable, grabby legs! We can take it with us anywhere!"








A battery operated stroller fan can be a very helpful addition to your baby stroller.


Whether you choose clip on fans or the ones with tripod legs, your kids will still benefit from the gentle breeze out in the southern summer heat.


Not only are they portable, compact and powerful, a stroller fan can also be used for other purposes like crib, baby carseat or work as a small desk fan.


The overall idea of tripod legs is surprising, because it's comparatively sturdy and grabs tightly on a jogging stroller than other portable clip on fans. The only issue you need to be aware of is the fan legs will break off easily if you move it around too much. To make it last longer, we suggest getting multiple tripod fans for different uses, so you don't have to attach and remove it back and forth. On top of that, make sure the fan legs are long enough to wrap tightly on your baby stroller.


How about the clip style stroller fan? Well, if you are regularly changing the position of the fan, then go for it! Let's say, you need to fold the stroller from time to time, or frequently detach the front guard to unseat your baby. You know the strong clip on fan will last much longer.



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