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by Lisa Hobbs March 24, 2021 4 min read

Where To Buy A Stroller Fan - SkyGenius Online

Where to buy a baby stroller fan

Stores that sells fans for strollers

Have you ever searched for "where to buy a stroller fan"?

Finding the perfect answer isn't always easy.

You have no time to wait for the shipping, or need a stroller fan to keep your baby cool right away.

When you are looking to find the local stores, the search engine returns a list of online shopping websites.

Also, it's quite hard to locate a store near you. Because there is no such a shop named "XXX stroller fan store" which sells this type of fans specifically.

But did you know that some baby stores, gift shops, or shopping malls like Walmart and Target sell stroller fans as well?

With our store locator, you are going to easily find what you are looking for.

Find a location

How does the "stroller fan near me" locator work

Stroller Fans Near Me is based on your location. Click on the red marker to see the local retail locations near you.

If you want to know the store contact and hours, click "view larger map" on the top left corner. And then you will be navigated to the whole list of stores with their detailed information.

Stroller fan in store

call the store to see if stroller fans are available in store

The store locator displays all the walk-in stores near you, including the open and close hours, physical address, distance, store name, and phone number as well.

You might be concerned about stroller fans have been out of stock after going all the way there without success.

To avoid the hustle, you could simply call the department store to see if they have certain products in stock.

As you have already noticed, the store locator comes with a valid phone number for you to reach out to.

Give them a call before you take a trip all the way there. Inquire the store about whether they have stroller fans in stock. Walmart staff can check it on the computer or machine very quickly. Most of the staff will be glad to help.

Online Sellers

If you are calling the store and have no luck getting anyone to answer the phone, you probably don't want to go look for yourself either. It takes a decent drive or bus ride but you only going there buy like one small stroller fan, and you are not looking at other things.

In this case, you can order it online instead.

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Online sellers these days are dedicated to providing fast free shipping throughout the country.

To make sure of the delivery speed, you need to take a look at the sellers' shipping policy. See if the 1-week delivery option is available in your country.

For example, SkyGenius is offering 3-7 days free delivery on all U.S orders. But for other sellers based in different countries, it could take up to two weeks, sometimes even 1 month to get your order delivered.

Aside from the advantage of delivery, here are some major benefits to online purchases.


You are busily taking care of your baby at home. And your partner is working during standard business hours when the physical stores are open. Buying online means you can place the order any time of the day, from almost any location.

Save money

Do some price comparison between an online store and a brick and mortar. You will notice that online is almost always cheaper. Without the overhead cost and operating expenses, the price is competitively lower (for the same functionality).

Wider selection

They say variety is the spice of life. Especially when it comes to baby products, you will find that online shops have a wider selection of brands, types, and looks. For example, you want a clip on stroller fan that can be attached to any possible position of the stroller. With a flexible fan head, you can also direct the airflow to keep both you and your baby cool while nursing.

Shop smarter

When walking around the department store, new parents can't resist the temptation to overspend on baby items with so much adorable kids' stuff all over the shelf.

While shopping online, you are not overwhelmed by sales tactics and distractions. Stay calm and browse necessary details to see if the fan is a good fit for your baby pram.

Avoid the herd

During covid-19, taking your newborn outside for shopping could mean a lot of hassle. There are so many safety precautions to follow. Being around large crowds of people nowadays becomes a primary concern. But ordering via the internet can help reduce your anxiety.


Buy Stroller Fans online with standard free shipping

There are circumstances that you want to buy a stroller fan from the store near you.

Let's say you are traveling and just stay for a couple of days. Going to the local store means you can quickly access the stroller fan and keep your baby cool immediately.

When you are not limited to the shipping speed, it is recommended to shop online instead. Time, money, variety, and convenience are the factors that make shopping online better than physical stores.

By now you've probably figured out where to buy the stroller fan.

If you are new to the whole stroller fan and stuff, we highly recommend reading this complete guide of stroller fan to help you find the desired product.

But if you don't have time to study all the differences among various fans, you can start with the SkyGenius S01 stroller fan. It is tested to be compatible with any stroller design. 

Lisa Hobbs
Lisa Hobbs

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