3 Quarantine Gift Ideas For Seniors To Show Your Care

by Genius Sky April 24, 2020 3 min read

3 Quarantine Gift Ideas For Seniors To Show Your Care - SkyGenius Online

For elderly family members who live far away from you, you cannot visit them due to the quarantine. Although there are options like making a video chat to check on them, you might still be concerned that they feel lonely most of the time. 

This blog will give you some rough gift ideas for seniors, a way to soothe their anxiety from quarantine. It might not be the perfect answer that you look for, but the purpose is all about showing your care toward the one you love. 

 #1 Radio with micro sd card

Vintage radio with Bluetooth and storage card - senior-friendly

There is one thing to keep the elderly from loneliness, and that is music.

A gadget that is senior-friendly and easy to use will be preferred if they are not familiar with any tech products.

Since the majority of MP3 players come with a display screen and being touch-sensitive, it seems complicated for the elderly to navigate.

That being said, you might want to look for radios coupled with a memory card.

If your grandma doesn't feel like listening to commercials, she has the option of her favorite songs stored in the sd card.

There aren't many changes to the design compared to what they saw in the last century. Seniors can turn on it simply by pushing the large button. The text is clearly marked, which is quite easy for them to recognize the function.

 #2 Binoculars for birdwatching

 Best bird watching binoculars for the elderly

For aging adults with difficulties walking on their own, bird watching is something that can be done from home, which is ideal for any mobility level. 

With a pair of binoculars, seniors can observe birds in the trees right outside their window or in the backyard, which gives them a chance to enjoy the outdoors and nature.

And this is also a hobby that develops into long term benefits.

By watching birds, the elderly get to memorize birds' appearance and names.

They achieve this by identifying details, which is good for memory stimulating and cognitive alertness.

When it comes to taking birdwatching as a new hobby during quarantine, you can help your elderly loved one get a set of binoculars.

It's also worth noting what features make a good binocular for the elderly.

10x50 binocular is known for plenty of details to observe and eye relief in regards to long time birding. 

However, this binocular weighs nearly 2 pounds. It seems a bit bulky and heavy for some elderly people to hold for a long time.

Considering physical conditions, you might want to have a look at the 8x21 binoculars. It is light and small.  Elderly birdwatchers can easily hold it in just one hand.

What's more, this entry-level binocular is easy to adjust focus. You can rest assured they got no problem getting started on their own when you are not around.

#3 Custom Family Photo Books

quarantine gift for elderly people - photo books of family members

There is nothing more special than a custom family photo book. Grandma will definitely love this gift idea.

A photo album triggers all the memory and questions. They started wondering what story could be at that point when the photo was taken.

Seeing photos of kids is also a powerful lure. This feels like keeping an eye on what's going on with their children and grandchildren. It connects you both with the past in visual terms.

 Aside from that, a custom photo book can be easily done in a few days. All you need to do is select the favorite moments and have it delivered by an online photo book maker. Or you can use the Walmart photo prints service. It allows you to upload photos directly from your phone, then pick them up at your local Walmart location within just 1 hour. Considering the year-round discount you can get, Walmart photo makes a surprising budget choice than any other competitors.

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